Advocate for an elected State Board of Education!

Legislators Ask to Hear from the People!

The budget footnote that prohibited the adoption of the Next Generation Science Standards demonstrates that the legislature is responding to the people’s concerns over standards adoption and data collection and sharing in Wyoming.

We now have a tremendous opportunity before us!  This is the legislature’s way of responding to the flood of communication they’ve received over education issues this year, and it’s a golden opportunity to be heard.

Let legislators know that you think the State Board should be an elected body, accountable to the people, not political appointees.

This would begin a return to local control over education in Wyoming.

THIS FRIDAY  April 25th

Joint Education Committee Hearing


Room 302 of the Capitol Building

This public hearing is dealing with the organization of state administration of public education. One of the proposals has been to make the State Board of Education an elected, rather than appointed, body.

You may find the meeting announcement and a link to the agenda here:

The Joint Education Committee meeting will be streamed live Friday from the Legislature’s Website.

Here are your ACTION ITEMS!

1. If possible, plan to attend the hearing and testify. Appearing in person has the greatest impact and allows you an opportunity establish relationship and credibility with legislators before and after the meeting. Bring 15 copies of your testimony or submit them to Dave Nelson at

2. If you cannot attend, contact  Dave Nelson (email above) with your written testimony, saying you are unable to attend but want to submit comment for the April 25th meeting of the Joint Education Committee.

Thank you for your help as we work to bring local control back to Wyoming Education!

Governor Mead’s Legal Delays End: Cindy Hill Returns To Work

April 18, 2014


Yesterday Superintendent Hill held a press conference and made the following statement:


“Today we close a most interesting chapter in Wyoming history.  As you know, 15 months ago the governor signed into law a bill that removed the superintendent as the head of the department of education and stripped away most of the duties of the office.

On January 28 of this year, the Wyoming Supreme Court found that law to be unconstitutional. Today the district court entered its final judgment ordering that I be allowed to return as the head of the Wyoming Department of Education.

The district court agreed that SF104 was unconstitutional with a few exceptions.  For example, Judge Campbell granted the governor’s request that I not be allowed to have counsel, it also granted the governor’s request that he be allowed to appoint half the members of the professional teaching standards board.  While I can’t say I agree with the wisdom of these findings, the Powers and I will not appeal this judgment, as it would only cause further delays.    

We have been anticipating this order and my staff has been preparing and working with the WDE and the governor’s office to ensure a smooth and timely transition.  We plan to meet Monday morning and get back to work.
As we turn to the next chapter, I recognize there is much work to be done and I am confident that the staff at the Wyoming Department of Education is up to the task.”

*       *       *

For additional questions or information, please contact:

Travis Hoff

Public Information Officer

Office of the Wyoming Superintendent of Public Instruction


2301 Capitol Avenue, Barrett Building, Second Floor

Cheyenne, Wyoming 82002

307-777-2053 |