Membership and Donations

Please read the “About Us” page to find out what we believe in, what we plan to accomplish, and which values we want to share with our community. As with all organizations, even the most fundemental functions end up requiring a few dollars here and a few dollars there – suddenly amounting to more than the individual members are capable of producing themselves. For this reason, we provide an opportunity for others to help support our cause/values. If you hold our values in common, but just can’t donate the time/effort necessary to participate, please consider a small donation instead. Any amount is appreciated, whether $5 or $5000; we appreciate your consideration.

We are a membership driven organization and have many active participants who have chosen to pay annual (voluntary) dues to help fund our functions. We invite you to attend our regular (monthly) meetings to learn more and if you want to become a paid member of the Laramie Tea Party we welcome your active participation.